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Chinese Auspicious Symbols - $5 each
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Longevity and Five Blessings

This is an instricate design of the combination of the symbol for longeivty and five bats representing five blessings. The word for "bat" in chinese sounds like luck and happiness and thus is used to represent the five blessings. Chinese believe that to have a truly happy and rewarding life you need five essential things: a long life, health, wealth, love of virtue, and a peaceful death.
Luan and Phoenix Sing Together

Luan is a mythical bird like the phoenix. The phoenix is an auspicious bird that can bring peace. Combination of the two birds represent the two sexes. This pattern represents conjugal felicity.
Enless Descendants

This design of gourd and vine implies that the family will last forever with many descendants, and great prosperity. The word for gourd in chinese sounds like the word for happiness and prosperity. It also has a lot of seeds inside which represent many kids and fertility. The vine represents the notion of endless.
Honeysuckle 1

This trailing plant is used a lot in Buddhism to symbolize the human soul which can exist foreve. It is because this typle of winter honeysuckle plant can withstand the cold winter.
Bao Xiang Flower 1

"Bao Xian" is the repectful word used to address the portrait of Buddha. It represents great nobility, beauty and preciousness.

More designs will be added regularly. If there are any categories that you would like to see added to this collection, email your comments

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